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Empowering Our Community: Making a Difference Through Action

Summer ARTS Classes


Youth ARTS Alive summer arts program caters to children aged 8-18 and serves as a voice for youth and their families in our community of Santa Maria. All classes during the summer are free. We offer classes at Newlove Center, Minami Center and Grogan Park. This year of 2023 we expanded to offer classes in Guadalupe through United Way and the Guadalupe Union School District. We hope to one day in our near future to be able to offer classes afterschool year round. 

Year round ARTS advocacy

The goal of our Arts Advocacy Team is to create a vibrant arts community that is at the core of our children's experience growing up in Santa Maria. We aim to provide an opportunity for youth to create public art with the guidance of professional artists, as well as to learn and engage in activities such as dance, singing, acting, and music, in order to enrich both our lives and theirs. By providing these opportunities, we hope to give the youth in Santa Maria the confidence to choose a different path from that of gangs and violence.

School Supply

Collaboration with other organizations

Youth Arts Alive is actively fostering social connections by forming close partnerships with other like-minded organizations. Our program has established collaborations with several groups, including United Way, Corazon del Pueblo, MICOP, Children's Creative Project, and the Santa Maria Arts Council, and others to build a strong coalition of individuals and organizations sharing a common vision for our community. Through our joint efforts, we have organized events, raised awareness of important issues, and provided free arts education to those in need. Working collaboratively with these organizations enables us to reach our ultimate goal of creating a broader network of individuals who support our program, amplifying the impact of our work.

Classes year-round at the Discovery Museum

We've joined forces with the Santa Maria Discovery Museum to ignite a blaze of creativity in our community! Now, every Tuesday, we're inviting adorable toddlers to dive headfirst into the colorful realm of visual art, where every brushstroke becomes a magical adventure.  Starting October 7, 2023 on Saturdays, it's time to tune into the rhythmic strums of ukuleles, igniting the passions of talented young artists aged 8-18.  We passionately believe that these accessible classes are the stepping stones to a vibrant community of young artists, a place where creativity knows no bounds! Join us and let your artistic spirit soar! 

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